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Early Spring Landscaping Tips for a Beautiful Summer Lawn

Posted on March 28th, 2017 by Devine Bros

One of the most popular quotes in the world of sports is, “championships are won in the offseason.” Similarly, great summer landscapes are made in the spring. Your lawn is just waking up from the long winter season, and it is hungry for nutrients. If you want a lush, healthy lawn this summer, you need […]

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How To Care For Your Lawn During The Fall Months

Posted on September 26th, 2016 by Devine Bros

Want a beautiful, healthy, green lawn during the spring? Then don’t forget about your lawn this fall! Early autumn is a great time to repair the damage caused from the summer fun, and also ensure good conditions for the following seasons. Follow these steps to help you care for your lawn this fall season: Step […]

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Are You Making These Common Landscaping Mistakes?

Posted on August 16th, 2016 by Devine Bros

When it comes to curb appeal, your landscape is equally as important as your home. Even the most beautiful house won’t look as good if it is placed atop a dead lawn with deteriorating decorations. If you are looking to maximize your landscaping appeal, here are three common mistakes which you must avoid. Mowing Mistakes […]

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3 Secrets for a Lush Green Summer Lawn

Posted on May 9th, 2016 by Devine Bros

Few things make your home stand out like a perfectly green lawn. Unfortunately, obtaining one is easier said than done for most homeowners. Luckily, the landscaping experts at Devine Bros. are here to offer their expert advice to help you grow the lawn of your dreams. Here are their three secrets for a lush summer […]

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5 Landscaping Projects to Try at Home This Spring

Posted on March 30th, 2016 by Devine Bros

People love landscaping because they can let their imaginations run wild. Anything is possible with the right supplies and a little bit of hard work. If you’re itching to get started on your next landscaping endeavor, here are five projects you can try at home this spring. Start With a Bit of Maintenance You know […]

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5 Tips for Designing Your Landscape

Posted on August 21st, 2015 by Devine Bros

If it is your first time consciously thinking about your home’s landscaping, it is easy to become overwhelmed with all of the design and plant options available to you. If the process is stressing you out, take a few deep breaths and read the five tips below. Do your research. The first step of designing […]

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