"I cannot say enough good about Devine Bros. Aside from solving our home air conditioning unit(s) issue (two other companies could not), they are always professional, organized and cordial. So, when we had to remove our oil tank from the ground, test it, install a new one, guess who we called? When our driveway needed new gravel, guess who?"

David R. - March, 2014

"Have been extremely satisfied with the response and level of service. All maintenance appointments have been on time and very professional. On the few occasions where an emergency service call was made we had someone show up first thing the next morning and they were able to resolve the issue and perform the repair without incident. Would recommend this service for any homeowners. Great peace of mind!"

Gus M. - March, 2016

"I have a service plan When the water heater leaked, I called and a techie appeared in just three hours. The next business day, two installers came with the new heater .They kept me aware of progress and answered my questions thoroughly. My phone contacts were all very helpful and courteous. I highly recommend the company."

Michael R. - November, 2014