Should I Leave My Windows Open All Day?

Posted on October 9th, 2020 by Devine Bros

We’re at that weird in between period when the mornings are fairly chilly and the afternoons are pleasant. Not only is it a struggle to find the right clothes to wear during this time, but also many homeowners have that constant debate on the right way to keep your home comfortable. So, the easiest solution […]

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Why We Recommend Heating Maintenance

Posted on October 6th, 2020 by Devine Bros

Your heating is a vital part of your home, keeping you and your family comfortable during cold seasons. However, it’s important that you keep up with regular maintenance for your system so that you can ensure it works throughout the entirety of autumn and winter. If you haven’t had your heating checked yet this year, […]

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How To Prepare Your Heating For Cold Weather

Posted on September 28th, 2020 by Devine Bros

Your HVAC system is the core of your home, so naturally now that cooler temperatures are on the way, you’ll need to start preparing your heating system for the change. It isn’t suggested that you start running your heating immediately before warming it up. In order to make sure it’s working as it should and […]

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Concrete Dos and Don’ts

Posted on September 25th, 2020 by Devine Bros

Cementing and concreting can be quite a long process, especially when it comes to creating a delicate and detailed project. However, no matter the construction site size or the amount of people working on the project, getting the job done right the first time should be your top priority. So to make the most of […]

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Tips For Using a Generator

Posted on September 4th, 2020 by Devine Bros

For many homeowners, generators have become essential tools in emergencies, such as hurricanes. But, for first time users, it’s important that you know how it functions and the safest ways to use it. Here we have some tips and tricks to help you properly utilize your generator during an emergency.  Don’t Run It Inside It […]

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4 Ways to Transition Your Home From Summer to Fall

Posted on August 31st, 2020 by Devine Bros

With fall right around the corner, it’s important to start taking the necessary steps to prepare your home for its arrival. From quick chores to preventative maintenance, every household should have prepared transition tasks for owners to take on. Here are some ways you can get your house ready for autumn: 1. Invest in Useful […]

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Understanding HVAC Emergency Service

Posted on August 25th, 2020 by Devine Bros

Though routine maintenance can help lower your chance of HVAC system issues, emergencies can still occur. But what separates an issue vs an emergency? We have some answers below:  How It Starts Well first things first, the emergency needs to happen. Often, this includes cases where your HVAC system suddenly shuts down. This is more […]

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5 Concrete Facts

Posted on August 19th, 2020 by Devine Bros

For most of us, concrete isn’t on the front of our minds every day. However, the sidewalk you’re walking down and that cute pathway to your home and much more are often made up of this material. Besides being a very durable and practical building product, concrete also has some fun facts that not many […]

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A Guide to Tool Use in Your Garden

Posted on August 10th, 2020 by Devine Bros

When it comes to having a successful garden, we are here to say that a natural knack for gardening or what one might consider a green thumb isn’t a necessity. In fact, with the right tools, your work might just get cut in half. Make sure you know what kind of tools work best with […]

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