Early Spring Landscaping Tips for a Beautiful Summer Lawn

Posted on March 28th, 2017 by Devine Bros

early spring landscaping tips

One of the most popular quotes in the world of sports is, “championships are won in the offseason.” Similarly, great summer landscapes are made in the spring.

Your lawn is just waking up from the long winter season, and it is hungry for nutrients. If you want a lush, healthy lawn this summer, you need to start working on it now. Here are seven things you should get done before mid-April.

1. Clean your gutters. The start of spring is always a good time to clean out your gutters. A clean gutter system will prevent water from pouring over the edge of your roof and drowning plants close to the perimeter of your home.

2. Remove debris and dead plants. Your lawn and garden have taken a beating from the long, cold winter – it’s time to clean them up. Pick up dead branches that have fallen from surrounding trees, rake up dead leaves, and remove any unwanted growth.

3. Prune trees and shrubbery. Prune any trees and shrubs which look damaged, diseased, or dead from the winter weather. Remove any weak spots and encourage the shrub’s natural shape. Wait to prune spring shrubs until after they have finished blooming.

4. Mulch your garden beds. Mulch tends to decompose or wash away during the winter months, making now the perfect time to restock your garden beds. Using a shovel, rake, or your hands, evenly distribute the mulch until it is 2-3 inches deep.

5. Apply pre-emergent weed killer. Don’t let weeds plague your landscape this season: kill them before they have a chance to grow by applying a pre-emergent weed killer.

6. Inspect landscaping equipment. Lubricate, sharpen, and inspect the various components of your landscaping equipment. If you notice any signs of damage, have it repaired now so it is ready to go when you need it later on.

7. Repair any stone fixtures. You’ve done everything you can for the vegetation in your yard; now it’s time to turn your attention to masonry. If you have any stone fixtures, clean them off and make any necessary touch ups and repairs. If you don’t have any stone fixtures, now is the time to install one.

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