5 Reasons Your AC Bill is So High and How to Reduce it

Posted on June 14th, 2021 by Devine Bros

Summer is finally here, and you’re ready to spend your days outside, but there’s just one problem: the heat. How do you beat the heat? One solution is with an air conditioner. However, if you don’t take precautions now, those summer savings might quickly turn into summer bills. You can avoid this by making a few changes in your home that will keep it cool all season long without breaking the bank.

1. Wrong Thermostat Settings

Your thermostat setting might be too high! Experts recommend setting your thermostat between 72-75 degrees during the day in order to save more money, but if you are away from home for long periods, turn it down to a lower temperature that will keep things cool when you’re not there.

2. High Occupancy

The more people in a room, the more energy it takes to keep them comfortable and cool. This is why an AC unit will sometimes work harder during weekends or holidays than during weekdays because more people are in your home! Take advantage of the nice weather and try to host more home events outdoors this season. 

3. Dirty Air Filters

A dirty filter will keep the air from flowing through, which means that the unit has to work harder. This costs more money and damages the system by using up its parts faster than usual. Be sure you change your air filters regularly during the summer to avoid a spike in your bills!

4. Unsteady Window Units

If you have window units or small portable air conditioners (anything less than 10 tons), make sure it’s level with the window sill. Suppose the unit isn’t balanced well; it will allow for little pockets for the cool air to escape from. Keep it secured and covered appropriately. 

5. Air Leaks

It’s easy to see why energy efficiency experts recommend inspecting and sealing any leaks or cracks in vulnerable areas, such as windows and doors. These spots can cause issues for you and your HVAC energy expenses all year long! Air your system is pushing out can’t keep up with the outside temperatures getting in through these cracks. 

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