Tips For Storm Preparation in Norwalk

Posted on October 24th, 2019 by Devine Bros

Although it might seem like it’s over, we know all too well that storm season can last well into the latter part of fall, causing damage at any moment. Many homeowners in our Norwalk area may think they’ve escaped the season unscathed, but it’s important to be prepared for disaster at any moment. Below are a few tips and tricks you can employ at your home or business to stay prepared and ready for any storm that comes our way.


One of the easiest ways to keep your space prepared for a storm is to also have a supply of sandbags at the ready. With storm water having the ability to seep into any crack or crevice, it’s important to have them covered ASAP. A large sandbag can accomplish this at a low cost with even less effort. Keep a few of these in a storage room or in the garage for quick access and effective water blockage.

Wooden Boards

With the wind and flying debris brought by storms, windows and other sensitive fixtures are at risk. Keeping wooden boards nearby is a great way to protect the delicate areas of homes and businesses. Prop these against glass doors and windows as the storm becomes worse to protect it from flying debris and prevent cracks and shatters.


While it’s impossible to predict what a storm brings, sometimes that’s a loss of power! While your generator is busy powering the fridge and other appliances, make sure you have candles and other light sources to keep the room illuminated and cozy. This makes a big difference and is important when you need light for cooking, cleaning, and hanging out!


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