Mulch Basics 101

Posted on April 14th, 2020 by Devine Bros

What is Mulch and How is it Used?

Mulch is a protective covering usually made of natural materials. It is spread on the ground to reduce evaporation, maintain even soil temperature, enrich the soil, prevent erosion, and control weeds.

Types of Mulch to Consider:

Fir Mulch: Great to use for everything from steep slopes to level landscapes. It has a darker more natural look than other types and is perfect for use in flower beds.

Hemlock Mulch: Used most commonly in areas for children or pets (such as playgrounds) because it is a sliver-free bark that gives a natural look and feel. It is also popular for use in garden beds, walkways, and around a wide range of landscape plans.

Bioactive Amendments: Instead of fir and hemlock mulches, many gardeners and landscape professionals like to use planting mixes amended with bioactive and nutrient-rich materials as a mulch. This way you get the benefits of mulching along with the nutrients and soil conditioners. 

Is There an Ideal Time to Mulch?

While mulching projects can be done at any time of the year, there are some seasonal advantages to be aware of. When you mulch during spring or summer it prevents weeds from growing. It adds nutrients and can help your soil retain moisture.

Mulching during the fall and winter months provides protective cover from heavy rain, helps provide insulation from freezing cold weather, and prevents the loss of fertile soil due to erosion.

Additional Tip

Mulching can attract pests like slugs and snails. If you are having trouble with these pests, you might consider baiting around mulched areas. A fall bait treatment will go a long way towards reducing the pest population, as slugs and snails lay eggs in the fall. 

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