5 HVAC Bad Luck Signs

Posted on August 13th, 2021 by Devine Bros

Every homeowner is different and will have a variety of HVAC problems throughout their lifetime. However, some signs might indicate you’re having bad luck with your heating and cooling system more often than others. Keep an eye out for these initial signs; it could help avoid costly repairs and unlucky situations down the road. 

If you notice any of these five signs, you may want to contact a professional for assistance.

1. Air Conditioning and Heating Units Fail Too Often

This is one of the most common signs people experience when they know their unit isn’t running correctly. Whether it be on its own or after being turned off for a while, chances are your unit is in desperate need of a checkup or even replacement if it keeps failing on you. 

2. Doesn’t Cool or Heat Your Home Properly 

Another big sign could be when the air doesn’t get cool enough in the summer or warm enough in the winter. If this happens year-round, then there may be an unlucky problem with your thermostat or control board.

3. Noisy A/C or Furnace

Noticing a loud banging or scratching coming from your heating and cooling appliances? Well, this can happen when an air conditioner or furnace fan blade becomes bent or loose. To fix this problem, it’s best to contact a professional HVAC technician to come out and take care of the issue for you.

4. High Energy Bills

A poorly functioning HVAC system can result in higher than average energy bills because it must work harder to maintain temperature levels. The filter may be clogged, or your ducts have become dirty over time. Either way, scheduled maintenance checks are often the best way to combat these unlucky issues since they can spot the problem before your bills skyrocket!

5. Frequent Repair Calls

The frequency at which maintenance specialists come out to fix something on your heating or air conditioning unit can be a sign that it’s time for an upgrade. In the end, a new and high-quality unit is the best way to ensure your need for repair calls decreases, and your relaxation levels increase!

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