3 Ways to Participate in National Cut Your Energy Costs Day

Posted on January 10th, 2022 by Devine Bros

January 10th marks the start of National Cut Your Energy Costs Day! From using the correct type of light bulbs in your home to turning off appliances when not in use, there are many simple actions you can take that will help cut down on energy costs. It may seem daunting at first, but these three steps should be a good place to start:

1. Turn Off Your Lights

Don’t forget to turn off your lights when you leave a room. This helps save electricity and helps reduce your carbon footprint on Earth by lowering your carbon emissions. When it comes to your lights, when they are in use, consider upgrading to CFLs or LEDs for glow in your home instead of incandescent for a more energy-efficient option. 

2. Change Out Old Appliances

When you have old appliances constantly plugged into your powerstrips and pulling energy from them, it’s going to be a waste. Not only should appliances be unplugged when not in use, but older ones tend to require more energy to work sufficiently. Now is the time to upgrade anything out of date and consider using power bars that turn off when you’re not using them. This way, they won’t be wasting electricity if you forget to turn them off!

3. Seal Your Home

Notice that your home is still at an uncomfortable temperature even after adjusting your thermostat? It could be because of small, vulnerable areas where your heat or cool air is escaping. Do a thorough check for air leaks in doors and windows. Be sure to seal cracks around water pipes or fill any holes where cold air might enter through the ground outside with caulking so that your HVAC unit doesn’t have to work overtime and cost you a pretty penny. 

And those are just a few of the easiest ways to start. But, when you’ve got a team like Devine Bros. to back you up, you’ll have access to so many energy-efficient services, including Devine Bioheat, HVAC maintenance, and propane deliveries

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