Residential vs Commercial HVAC Issues

Posted on January 7th, 2022 by Devine Bros

Checking HVAC levels

If you are a residential or commercial property owner, your HVAC system could run into trouble either way. Residential and commercial HVAC issues are different in some ways, but both require the same attention to get them running smoothly again. And they still share some of the same troubles, including improper installation, broken parts, or lack of routine maintenance. So, here are some of the most common issues each unit type might run into and how your HVAC system at home might differ from one in a business. 

Different System Types

The main difference between residential and commercial HVAC issues is mostly just in the type of system. Residential systems are smaller, have less complicated machinery, and usually have only one heating or cooling unit. Commercial systems can be more complex because they need to provide a consistent temperature for larger spaces with many people. Not only that, but a commercial HVAC system could be under warranty by the building owners, so it could be a more convoluted process to get issues resolved. 

Air Quality Standards

When you spend much of your time indoors, the quality of air inside is one of the most important aspects of staying safe. Air cleaners are typically much more stringent for a home than for a business because people spend so much time at home breathing them in. A commercial building is naturally much bigger than a house and has a greater capacity level. 

Heating and Cooling Capacity Requirements

Another key difference is in heating and cooling capacity requirements. A building’s HVAC system needs a lot of power and a well-working system to keep the whole place warm or cold throughout the year. From this, it’s easier to run into maintenance issues since it will be felt much easier in a large capacity area whether or not the temperature is comfortable. Commercial HVAC systems are usually much larger than residential ones, so they need more equipment to keep up with demand.

Additional Maintenance

As stated above, commercial units tend to require more maintenance to prevent issues or fix them. Businesses require professional installation for cooling towers, air handling units, condensers, chillers, and boilers. Residential systems use air conditioners or heat pumps for heating and cooling purposes, while commercial buildings may have boiler or furnace furnaces in addition to air conditioning units.

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