5 Weather Threats to be Aware of This Winter

Posted on January 25th, 2022 by Devine Bros

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Winter is in full swing, and we’ve already been hit with some large-scale winter threats. And still, we haven’t even seen the potential worst of it yet. From dangerous winds to freezing temperatures, snow can sometimes be the least of your concerns. When it comes to keeping your home and family safe, be sure you have a full understanding of these winter threats that could be coming your way this year: 

1. High Winds

With winter comes an increase in the temperature gradient, leading to higher wind forces. These gusts can either happen during a blizzard or winter storm setting or occur independently. Either way, these high winds pose a threat to your home since they can cause trees to fall, shingles to break, or power to go out. 

2. Freezing Temperatures

Keeping warm during frigid temperatures can be a difficult task. You need a heating system that is well maintained and tuned up for the winter season. A lack of warmth or insulation in some homes may lead to pipes freezing and bursting if left unprotected, and these spots should be properly sealed right away. The best way to combat this problem is by ensuring your heating is running smoothly and properly all season long. 

3. Ice Storms

Similar to freezing temperatures, ice storms happen overnight and ultimately make travel very difficult. An ice storm can occur when temperatures are below freezing and precipitation falls as snow or rain. This creates a layer of sleet on the ground that freezes at night and turns into heavy, wet ice, making roads treacherous to drive on and trees very dangerous.

4. Snow

Snow is a part of winter that no one can ignore! It can bring many dangers such as slippery surfaces and icy roads. Heavy snow also poses a threat to homes by blocking gutters or other structures on your property, leading to water damage if not dealt with quickly.

5. Blizzards

This winter weather threat doesn’t occur as often for Connecticut but can still happen. Blizzards are one of the most dangerous weather threats this winter. A blizzard is a severe snowstorm that creates low visibility and heavy snowfall, making it difficult to travel or stay outside for long periods. They can cause power outages and make travel dangerous or impossible for days at a time.

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