Why Is My Home’s Furnace Squeaking?

Posted on November 21st, 2018 by Devine Bros

One of the weirdest occurrences in your home is certainly hearing the heat kick on, followed by a sequence of squeaks that sound like bats in the basement. While this is something that many people hear, not many people actually plan on actually fixing the issue. While this is the choice that leaves you with odd sounds still and the potential for damage, it’s important to at least know what you’re dealing with, and how important it is to have fixed.

The Sound

The sound coming from your furnace is usually associated with the fan belt, or your blower motor bearings. Most of the time, this is due to normal wear over time, as these items usually are moving quite a bit, and like most things, can be worn out to the point of replacement. While this is sometimes an easier fix, it’s important to know what you’re doing do avoid any injury

The Fix

In order to fix this, it’s important to figure out where the sound is coming from, which usually means disassembling an area of your furnace in order to figure out the source of the sound. This involves shutting off all power to the furnace beforehand, and carefully dismantling the area in which you might find the belt or the bearings. Again, if this isn’t something you’re well versed in diagnosing or fixing on your own, it’s probably better to have this professionally handled before it becomes an issue.

Without fixing this issue, there may be the reality of paying too much for your subpar heating, which can be a damper on your wallet and holiday plans. Avoid this issue by having the area inspected and fixed by a professional to deter any lapse of heating in your home when you need it most!

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