What Temperature Should My AC be Set to?

Posted on July 30th, 2021 by Devine Bros

Picture this— it’s a hot summer day, and you’re looking for relief from the sweltering heat. Should your AC be set to 68 degrees all day long? That sounds about right, but is it really the best temperature setting for your air conditioner? 

We here at Devine Bros. have some great advice about the “perfect” temperature on your AC unit and why paying attention to this number is important.

Avoid Constant Temperatures

There are many reasons why setting your AC to a constant temperature is not suitable for you or your home. First off, if the air stays on constantly in one spot without moving around the room, the system can overheat and eventually break down. Not to mention the waste of energy that happens when you leave your unit blasting the same cool air all day long. It’s not needed, so keeping your system running on an eco-friendly mode is your best bet to stay comfortable and save money. 

Go By Room Size

It’s a good idea to go by room size; measure the square footage of each room in your home to determine the best possible temperature needed for each. For example, a 300 square foot office or bedroom should be at a temperature between 70-74 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Personal Preference 

The perfect temperature for you might be different than what others recommend because everyone has a different tolerance for hot and cold temperatures! It’s essential to think about what temperature you’re most comfortable with when determining how cool you want your home to be.

However, on average, it should be cooler in the morning so that people can wake up and get ready for work or school without sweating from their own body heat. In the evening, it should be warmer because people come home after being outside all day where they were exposed to sunlight and hot air. And finally, at night, it gets cooler outside; however, people usually tend to sleep better when their bedroom temperature is a little cold. So, try to keep a moderate temperature going while you sleep— and don’t forget the extra blankets if you like it cold! 

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