Top Home Superstitions

Posted on November 13th, 2020 by Devine Bros

Superstitions follow us everywhere, even inside our very own homes. Some are more popular and well known, others you might be learning about for the first time after reading this. Either way, whether you believe them or not, we’ve got some interesting tales to tell! Here are some of the top home superstitions. 

Put a Horseshoe Over Your Doors 

If you’re looking for more luck in your life, adding a horseshoe above your doors might just do the trick. It’s supposed to add positive energy to whoever walks through, keeping bad luck behind you as you cross. The direction it should be facing doesn’t matter, as long as it’s up there. 

Be Careful Where You Place Mirrors

Mirrors are beautiful additions to your home, and give you some fun decorating options. But, did you know it’s a bad omen to have a mirror directly across from your bed? It’s said that you shouldn’t face one while you are sleeping since your soul could get lost in it. Whether you believe this or not, you have to admit that it can be pretty scary waking up in the middle of the night and seeing yourself in that dark mirror! 

Do Not Cheers With Water

There is much to celebrate these next few months, but bad luck can still follow, especially depending on your choice of drink! During a holiday cheers, it’s said that raising your glass with a cup of water brings about negative energy. And not only will it affect you, it will also travel to whoever you clinked glasses with. 

Be Conscious Of The Tools You Bring Inside 

There are a few outdoor tools that should always remain outside, since many are said to bring bad luck into your home. Axes are said to bring death omens into your home. Garden hoes can drag a good amount of negative energy in with them, so if you walk inside with one just make sure to walk back out but backwards to undo this. 

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