Thanksgiving Safety Measures

Posted on November 18th, 2020 by Devine Bros

Cooking can always be dangerous if not taken seriously. With how hectic Thanksgiving tends to be, it can be easier to get distracted and make little mistakes that lead to painful circumstances. For all those who plan on cooking up something special for this holiday, make sure you keep these few safety measures in mind before starting.

Keep Helpful Tools Close By 

From oven mitts to tongs and aprons, as long as you have the right gear to help you during your cooking adventures you can ensure your safety. Be extra careful lifting anything that is warm, even while wearing your mitts. Protect your skin as well by wearing the right clothes that will cover your arms and legs. 

Avoid Burns 

Be extra careful while cooking with your stovetop or oven during Thanksgiving. If you’re in too much of a rush, it could lead to injuries. Make sure you keep pot handles facing towards the back of the stove so young kids can’t grab them and burn themselves. If you or a family member does get a burn, mild ones can be treated with cold, running water, bandaids, and some kind of disinfectant. If it’s a bad burn, you’ll have to get it treated!

Keep Gatherings Small

Try not to have a super big Thanksgiving dinner this year. Instead, try to celebrate with only close family or friends. We can still make the most of this holiday even if it isn’t the same as other years. The food will still be delicious and the company special, so remember to plan accordingly. When you’re keeping it small, your meal options might differ. However, it is still a good idea to plan ahead to make sure your kitchen has the energy it needs to power through. 

Get Your Shopping Done Ahead of Time

Grocery stores tend to become very busy around holidays, so make sure you go ahead of time in order to avoid those big crowds. Planning ahead also helps take stress off of you so you don’t end up cooking anything too last minute. Just remember your mask and write out a thorough list to bring with you. 

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