The Various Usages of Propane

Posted on September 29th, 2022 by Devine Bros

What You Can Use Propane for

Propane, where would we be without it? In fact, 42% of residents use propane as a primary heating fuel! With the multitude of functions and extended shelf life of up to 40 years, homeowners and business owners employ this gas on a daily basis. Discover the innumerable ways you can utilize the product from the experts at Devine Bros., a propane supplier in Norwalk, CT.


In households and restaurants, propane is a common source of cooking fuel due to its versatility. It is an affordable, energy-efficient gas that is portable and prevalent everywhere, even in rural areas. Moreover, you can bring it with you on your next camping trip to grill hot dogs or make s’mores! 

The advantages of this type of fuel don’t stop there, though. You have more control of the temperature, meaning that your food can go from a boil to a simmer in a matter of seconds. Also, it provides even heat, preventing meals such as casseroles from getting random burnt spots.

Heating System

You can count on propane to keep you warm for the upcoming cooler weather because it can fuel furnaces, fireplaces, and other heating systems — plus, it is more economical and efficient compared to electric heat. Furthermore, the gas is non-toxic and burns clean, requiring less maintenance and repairs in the long run (you can stay cozy while protecting the planet)!

Heavy Equipment

The gas element of propane is great for bulky machines, such as generators, lawnmowers, forklifts, and so much more. It is for the reason that if propane spills, it will not contaminate the ground (unlike diesel fuel or gasoline), which is important for environmentally sensitive areas. Additionally, it is not as expensive and will not go to waste, being a more eco-friendly option.

Propane Delivery in Fairfield County

With over 100 years of experience, Devine Bros. ensures that residents and businesses of Norwalk, Connecticut are never out of fuel with our automatic propane delivery service. Whether you need heating system replacement or building supplies, our professionals are here to help.
Get in touch with us at 203-866-4421 or online to get propane delivered to you.

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