The Benefits of Chimney Cleaning

Posted on September 20th, 2022 by Devine Bros

Why You Should Get Your Chimney Cleaned

Imagine this: you’re relaxing on the sofa in your cozy pajama set and drinking a hot chocolate when you glance over to the fireplace. At that moment, you notice all the buildup and combustive residue. And suddenly, the warm, comforting feeling is gone.

With the temperature dropping, you will be using your fireplace more frequently. Out of all the responsibilities you try to stay on top of in your home, from keeping up with your HVAC system to washing the dishes, the probability of remembering to clean your chimney is slim. 

Here are the numerous benefits of chimney cleaning:


Although a neat chimney is undeniably beneficial, it makes the most difference. With a properly cleaned vent, it will be able to filter smoke to the outside of your house. How often should it be scrubbed, you may ask? Consider a full cleaning and inspection once a year. We recommend that you do not attempt to do it yourself as it could lead to serious injuries; therefore, leave this to the experts for thorough and safe washing.


A maintained chimney is essential for preventing health problems and damage to your home. Carbon monoxide can build up in the chimney instead of exiting the house. CO exposure is harmful as it reduces the ability of blood to carry oxygen to your brain. Breathing too much of this odorless and colorless gas may lead to fatigue, confusion, shortness of breath, or worse.

When you create a fire within your fireplace, creosote, a tar-like, thick oily remains, goes up in the duct and sticks to the lining, making it extremely flammable. The more creosote, the higher risk of a fire forming, so it is important to clean it annually. 


Whether you have a wood stove or fireplace chimney, it is crucial to get it taken care of to increase durability. Did you know that they can last from 20 to 30 years? However, that is only possible through a good cleaning. Hiring a technician will help you evaluate the condition of your vent to keep it safe to use and working adequately. 

Maintenance Services in Connecticut

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