Spring Planting Tips and Tricks

Posted on March 23rd, 2022 by Devine Bros

When you think of the spring season, what are the first things that come to mind? Maybe the warmer weather? Perhaps the bugs buzzing around? Or, most likely, the bright, beautiful flowers blooming? We also can’t wait to start seeing new buds popping up around homes this season! Whether you have invested in perennial plants or only had time to pick up annual flowers, something new can never hurt. 

Here at Devine Bros., we have all your essential spring planting tips and tricks for when you’re ready to get those gardening gloves on and plant something new for the season! 

Tips and Tricks For Planting Something New 

Do Your Research

Of course, you’ll want to choose your options based on how pretty and aesthetically pleasing they are, but that shouldn’t be your only guiding factor. Make sure you research which plants and flowers thrive best in your area’s temperatures and weather this spring. Not only that, but it’s important to search for the basic needs for your choices. Are you willing to water the flora every day, or would you rather have something that can be left to its own resources? 

Plan Ahead

An important part of seeding new plants around your home is planning where to put everything. Keep an eye out for areas that could use a pop of color or maybe would work well with some extra greenery. If there’s a part of your landscape that just feels empty, it could make for the perfect new planting ground! 

Perennial Vs. Annual

So, what is the difference between a perennial and annual flower or plant? And which one do you feel will benefit your curb appeal the most?

  • Perennial: A perennial is a plant that lives for about more than two years. This means it grows and blooms year after year, without the need to replant.
  • Annual: An annual flower or plant dies at the end of its growing season, meaning you have to replant each spring.

Whichever you decide, something new can still be added to your scenery year after year.  

Get The Right Tools

You can’t have a successful planting season without all the right tools! From gardening gloves and hoes to shovels and wheelbarrows, it takes all the right materials to assist your growing endeavors. Not only that, but utilizing the best in high-quality mulch material to help everything thrive is a great idea! Your greenery will bloom in no time with the aid of the right tools and lots of care. 

Happy planting! 
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