Safe Guide To Holiday Decorations

Posted on December 16th, 2020 by Devine Bros

When it comes to setting everything up correctly for the holiday season, decorations are the perfect way to show all your cheer. However, we encourage you always to keep safety in mind when setting up both indoors and outdoors. Whether it’s climbing on a ladder to hang lights up or working with multiple electronics at once, there are a few simple rules to always follow. Here is our safe guide to holiday decorating this year. 

Ladder Safety

You should never climb a ladder by yourself! Make certain you have someone spotting you at the bottom while you’re up at the top of your ladder. It helps assure that if anything goes wrong, you won’t be alone. Also, before you place the ladder, make sure the ground underneath is sturdy. If there is snow, ice, or even rain, you really shouldn’t be climbing. 

Avoid Fire Risks

During this time of the year, candles and indoor electronics are used more frequently. If you’re wrapping lights around that tree or keeping a few scented candles lit throughout the day, remember these important rules. 1.) Do not leave everything running all night long. It’s usually the outdoor lights that are meant for that, not your indoor ones. Depending on the make and model, they could heat up. Heat plus pine trees are a terrible mix. And 2.) always blow out your candles before going to bed or leaving your house. The cause of fire due to burning candles is 12% more likely in December than any other time of the year!

Keep Helpful Tools Close

It’s chilly this time of year, so specific tools can go a long way during your decoration process. The right boots and gloves can keep you warm while setting up. Not only that, but chimney supplies can help keep your fireplace running smoothly throughout the season. No house is complete during the holidays without a lovely fireplace with stockings hanging overhead! 

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