Is It Too Early For AC Tune-Ups?

Posted on January 25th, 2019 by Devine Bros

We’re always getting questions about air conditioners, and although it might seem like it’s a little early for a tuneup, installation or check-up, the truth is, it’s never too early! Whether you’re a local home or business looking for a way to improve the efficiency of your product or install a new one, the time is now to begin/

Why In The Winter?

One of the main things we’re always being asked is ‘why get it done during the winter?’. For many reasons, it’s important to check on your air conditioning before it even turns on — and that’s the main reason! Think about a hot summer day, and imagine the air conditioning going out. Is this something you’re looking forward to? We’re going to guess it isn’t. For this reason, make sure it’s being handled before you’re stuck in the heat.

The Cost

While the cost might not be any different to have it done during the winter before it’s actually warm out, it’s not an expense you have to worry about during the summer! With maintenance plans available, you can allocate money during the winter to have this taken care of and get back to saving for the family trip or day-off you’ve been waiting for.


Anyone can say they’ve performed maintenance, but it’s rare to find a company well-versed in the practice who can get it tright for you the first time. To make sure you’re having the best service you possibly can, choose a company who’s been doing this for years with a reputation under their belt. (We’ve got 100 years behind us!)


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