Heating Your Home On The Cheap

Posted on February 11th, 2020 by Devine Bros

With winter in full swing, cold and windy days can mean cuddling up at home and staying warm sounds super appealing — and sometimes costly! And while it’s necessary to be comfortable in your own home, sometimes that comes at a hefty cost due to a number of factors. To keep costs down for you, we’ve developed a few ways to stay a few degrees warmer without adding cost to your monthly heating bill.

Romantic interior with fireplace in the bedroom.


It might sound a little out there, but cooking your food in the oven can actually help keep your rooms a bit warmer when you use a bit of ingenuity to do so. This can be achieved by keeping your oven open after using it! Simply explained, that 300-550 degree air can be dispersed throughout surrounding rooms in your home, either by itself or with the assistance of a small fan nearby. Give it a shot!

Seal Windows

There are small plastic sealing products available for homes with older windows that allow you to seal off areas where drafts are present, which prevents hot air from escaping, and cold air from creeping in. These are usually attached to the window surrounds and can play a big role in keeping you warmer for less than $20

Switch To Clean!

Bioheat is a cleaner alternative for your heating system that can actually result in a cleaner working appliance. Because it burns more efficiently, it can put less stress on your home to heat, which in turn can result in less costs to keep you warm! While small, all dollars add up at the end of the season!

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