Heating Oil vs. Natural Gas

Posted on December 21st, 2015 by Devine Bros


Brace yourselves: winter is coming. Tonight.

At 11:48 PM this evening, winter officially begins. With freezing temperatures soon to follow, it’s the perfect time to think about how you heat your home.

Two of the most popular options among Connecticut residents are heating oil and natural gas. Both choices offer their own distinct advantages and disadvantages, which will be covered in this article by the heating experts at Devine Bros.

Natural Gas

Natural gas is a fossil fuel, meaning it comes from the remains of animals and plants that lived millions of years ago. Natural gas can be found deep underground in large rock formations, where it is then processed to remove impurities and transported to its point of use (such as our homes).


  • Can be used for home heating, appliances, and energy

  • Produces less emissions than heating oil

  • Made in the United States


  • Not a renewable fuel source

  • Explosive

  • Home needs to be connected to a natural gas line

Heating Oil

Home heating oil is produced from crude oil, which is pumped out of the ground and processed at an oil refinery. Heating oil is a popular option in the northeast, which is responsible for over 80% of the country’s total consumption.


  • Burns hotter than other fuel sources, meaning less is required to heat your home

  • Does not require a connection to a natural gas line

  • Non explosive – you can drop a lit match into a pool of heating oil and it would go out


  • Produces more emissions than natural gas when it is burned

  • Oil furnaces need to be cleaned more regularly than gas ones

  • Volatile market means unpredictable prices

Want to learn more about these home heating options and prices? Contact the heating professionals at Devine Bros. Southern Connecticut has trusted us to stay warm for 100 years, and we supply both heating oil and natural gas to homes in Fairfield County. Call us today at (203) 866-4421 to speak with one of our experts or set up an account.

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