Breaking Down Our Family-Operated Business

Posted on February 21st, 2022 by Devine Bros

One of the benefits of family-owned and operated businesses is that the company’s history as a whole can go way back. Every employee, customer, and project become pieces of the puzzle that makes a family business whole. And we’re proud to say that Devine Bros. has been in operation for over 100 years now! As winners of the 2017 family-owned business award, we are pleased to share our story. Learn more about it here: 

The Start of Our Business

The Devine family came to the U.S. in the 1840s and settled in Norwalk, Connecticut, where they established a dairy farm. From there, in the early 1900s, John Devine’s five sons and two daughters created a feed and building supply business. 

In 1935, Bishop and Lynes, Inc. came to the Devines and asked them to buy its concrete business on 38 Commerce Street in Norwalk. The brothers purchased the company, and eventually, they relocated the whole industry to that address.

Growth In Demand of Services

The business quickly developed into a coal, ready-mix concrete, and building supply company. As demand for coal waned and demand for heating oil increased, the Devines launched a heating oil division. In the early 1970s, the family started a full-service heating and air-conditioning division to serve their customer base.

Our Services Today

Today, Devine Brothers continues with a strong ready-mix, building supply, home heating fuel, diesel, propane, and a 24/7 heating/cooling service department. Our heating division is considered a pioneer in the oil industry. We are among the first companies in New England to blend biodiesel, a renewable fuel made on American soil from soybean waste or yellow grease. This low sulfur heating oil makes a clean-burning product called “Bioheat.”

Proud Owners of The Company

Devine Brothers is managed by the grandchildren, Sonia, Steve, Sean, and Tom. This family of grandchildren is setting goals for the future, hoping that someday their children will witness the type of honor bestowed on Devine Bros. Inc. by the Westchester and Fairfield County Business Journals.

So, when you trust in us, you trust in professionals that have been dedicated to their field for a long, long time. We’re here to help. 

Helping Norwalk homeowners improve their lives is something Devine Brothers has been providing to their customers for over 100 years! If you’re interested in learning more about our service or need supplies, make sure to get in contact with us today! For more tips & tricks, make sure to like us on Facebook.

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