5 Issues Hurting Your Curb Appeal This Winter

Posted on February 17th, 2022 by Devine Bros

Winter can be a tough time for exterior aesthetics. Many problems occur in the winter months that make it difficult to maintain your curb appeal during this season. Do you feel like your curb appeal is lacking this winter? Do you have dead plants, snow on the ground, or any other problems affecting how good your exterior looks to potential buyers? Don’t worry! There are many ways to fix this problem.

1. Lack of Exterior Lighting

The first reason that many people’s homes suffer from a lack of curb appeal during the winter season is that they do not have any lighting in their yard or walkway leading up to their front door. Adding a light above the door, by the sidewalk, or around your garden can help add a little extra beauty to your yard. 

2. Snow Accumulation

A fresh blanket of snow can seem beautiful, but unfortunately, snow has some negative effects on curb appeal. The weight of heavy wet snow can damage grass and plants around your lawn. Not only that, but excess snow can lead to mud, which will create a dirty environment for the exterior of your home. 

3. Issues With Exterior Plants

During the winter months, your outside plants and bushes could suffer for various reasons. So, if you notice some greenery wilting this season, take care of it ASAP — you don’t want your home looking like a haunted house! You should clear out any dead plant life and make sure to trim bushes and hedges, so they look nice. Then, invest in some mulch and topsoil when spring comes along and give your lawn some color again! 

4. Dirty Windows

The appearance of your home starts with the exterior, and one thing that may be hurting your curb appeal is dirty windows. Windows should be washed twice a year to maintain the glass and keep them looking clean.

5. Old Driveway

How long have you had your driveway for? When was the last time you gave it an upgrade? It may not seem like it, but a driveway is an extension of your home. It’s often one of the first features guests and neighbors see. So, if it’s all cracked up and dull due to winter weather, it can lower your curb appeal this winter. Now is the time to upgrade

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