Are You Making These Energy-Efficiency Mistakes?

Posted on November 14th, 2016 by Devine Bros

One hand adjust thermostat valve close up

Are you unhappy with your heating bill? You don’t have to spend a fortune to keep warm this winter, you just have to avoid these costly energy-efficiency mistakes:

  • Not changing your air filters. When was the last time you changed your furnace’s air filter? A dirty filter can limit airflow, causing your heating system to work harder than it needs to. For best results, clean or replace your filter every month.

  • Letting air leaks go unsealed. If your home has air leaks, your money could be going out the window – literally. Sealing air leaks around your windows and doors is a quick task that can save you 20% or more on your heating bill.

  • Using old heating equipment. If your home heating system is older than 15 years, you are doing yourself a disservice. Upgrading to a new Energy Star model can pay for itself in just a few years with the energy savings it provides.

  • Poor thermostat management. Setting your thermostat too high is one obvious way to spike your heating bill, but setting it too low can have the same affect. Turning the heat off for any period of time (as many people do overnight) forces your furnace to work harder when it is turned back on.

  • Covering your windows up. The sun is a free source of heat; are you using it to your advantage? During the daytime, open the curtains on your south-facing windows to let the sunlight naturally warm your home. Just be sure to close the curtains after sunset in order to minimize heat loss.

  • Neglecting your heating system. Just like your car, your home heating system needs some routine maintenance to stay in tip-top condition. This is best done in the form of an annual tune-up from a professional HVAC technician.

If you live in Fairfield County, Connecticut, trust experts at Devine Bros. with all of your home heating needs. Our furnace installation, repair, and tune-up services can help keep you warm without spending an arm and a leg this winter. Call us at (203) 866-4421 to get started.

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