About Our 16-Point Air Conditioner Tune Up

Posted on April 28th, 2016 by Devine Bros


An annual tune up for your air conditioner is a great way to keep your energy bills down and extend the lifespan of your unit – if it is performed correctly.

Dirt and dust can accumulate on various components of your air conditioner, resulting in increased energy consumption and added wear and tear. During a tune up, a technician should clean these components, inspect them for problems, and replace them if necessary.

The cooling experts at Devine Bros. offer air conditioning tune ups for homeowners in Fairfield County, Connecticut, including the towns of Norwalk, Westport, and New Canaan. We don’t cut corners either – our tune ups are thorough and designed to help you get the most out of your cooling system.

Take a look at what our 16-point A/C tune up service includes:

  1. Clean and inspect condensate drain

  2. Clean and inspect condensate pump

  3. Clean or replace air filter

  4. Check blower belts – adjust or replace if necessary

  5. Check and lubricate blower wheel and bearings

  6. Lubricate and check all motors

  7. Check thermostat operation – check temperature drop across indoor coil

  8. Clean and check condenser

  9. Check and tighten electrical connections

  10. Check and clean compressor contractor

  11. Check condenser disconnect switch

  12. Check condenser fan blade and bearings

  13. Check controls and safety

  14. Test pressure cut-off switches

  15. Check refrigerant check and operating pressures and temperature

  16. Test compressor operating voltage and amperage draw

Ready to schedule your tune up with a Devine Bros. technician? Just give us a call at (203) 866-4421.

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