3 Chimney Supplies You Need This Upcoming Season

Posted on August 21st, 2019 by Devine Bros

Though it’s still technically summer, we’ve already been greeted by the effects of cooler weather — which means not only is it on the way, but it’s time to begin preparing for it at home! One of the things to think about, if you’re a homeowner who owns a chimney, is what you need in order to keep it clean, safe, and operating in a correct manner! Below are a few supplies to keep handy and how they can benefit you at home. 

Chimney Snake

There’s always a time where you feel as if there may be some sort of blockage in the chimney — and you might be right! But oftentimes, chimneys are far too dark to see inside of, and way too small to get inside. Instead of winging it, grab a snake with a camera attachment at the end in order to inspect your chimney from the inside and observe for any issues. 

Cleaning Supplies

Both inside and out, there are a number of factors that contribute to your chimney working effectively and looking its best. Not only will you need supplies to keep any fires roaring, but cleaning any exposed brick, inspecting for damage and making sure that soot isn’t getting anywhere it doesn’t belong.


There’s always the off chance that something that doesn’t belong in the chimney will find it’s way in — and it’s certainly too early for Santa to be the culprit! Grab a grill or grate that covers the opening at the base of your chimney to prevent any small critters and unwanted guests from entering your home.

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