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Devine Bros. operates two redi-mix plants to manufacture concrete, even design and mix to your specifications.
We stand ready to deliver your project.

Lightweight Structural Concrete
High Strength Microsilica Concrete
Mixes designed to meet specifications
Custom Concrete

Devine Bros., Inc. is certified by the National Redi Mix Concrete Association and has ACI certification.

Concrete Mixes Designed
with 1-1/4", 3/4", 1/2" and 3/8" Maximum-Sized Aggregate

Connecticut State Mixes
State Class A
State Class C
State Class F

Special Concrete Mixes
Grout Mixes
1-2 Finish
1-3 Finish
Flowable Fill

Concrete Admixtures
Chloride Accelerator 1%
Chloride Accelerator 2%
Non-Chloride Accelerator 1%
Non-Chloride Accelerator 2%
Water Reducer
Fiber Products
Fiber products available as specified.

Concrete Blocks
Various size blocks available.