Why Mulching Is Perfect For Hot Weather

Posted on July 27th, 2020 by Devine Bros

Did you know that mulching during warmer seasons does more for your garden than it would any other time of the year? Though many tend to complete their mulch projects in fall, it doesn’t allow for the beneficial results that the summer months do. However, to make the most of your gardening, here’s just a few reasons to move your mulching to summer:

Why Mulch in The Summer Vs. The Fall?

There are many uses for mulch, such as preventing weeds and keeping your soil moist after watering. But doing it the right time of year can also allow for the below benefits:

-Keeps the perfect amount of heat in: Mulch will insulate a certain amount of heat, keeping your flowers and plants warm and at the right temperature, even as the nights become cool as summer starts to end. 

-Suppresses weeds better: Mulch is known to suppress weeds as a part of its job. However, in warmer weather, the heat insulation it creates kills off weeds faster than other seasons. 

-Reduces evaporation: a battle you may have is keeping your soil moist during long periods of dry days. Mulch reduces soil compaction and keeps the water in the ground all day long, reducing the need for watering. 

-Keeps roots cool: While your plants need warmth, their roots need to stay cool. Because mulch is an insulator, it regulates temperatures for you. This type of tool is essential for warmer seasons, as the weather can often be more unpredictable. 

Need Some Supplies?

If you would like to start adding mulch to your yard, we can help you! Go to Devine Bros. Inc. to make an appointment now and start saving money today. 

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