Why is My House So Cold?

Posted on February 9th, 2023 by Devine Bros

Have you ever noticed that your house still feels cold no matter how much you turn up the thermostat? If so, then you’re likely wondering why this is happening. This can be a difficult problem to figure out and solve, but there are some common causes that could explain why your house is so cold. 

Let’s explore these causes in further detail. 

Drafty Windows and Doors 

Drafty windows and doors are one of the most common causes of a cold house. Air can easily enter through an ill-fitting frame, resulting in colder temperatures inside your home. This problem is especially noticeable during periods of extreme weather — winter months are notorious for allowing outside air to enter through drafty windows and doors. 

To avoid this issue, ensure all of your windows and doors fit snugly into their frames and don’t leave any gaps. You should also check your weather stripping periodically to ensure it is properly sealed around the frame openings. 

Insufficient Insulation 

Insufficient insulation can also make it difficult for your home to maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the year. Without proper insulation, heat will escape quickly from your home during winter months, resulting in cooler temperatures inside the living space. To rectify this issue, make sure you have adequate insulation in all areas — especially in walls near exterior walls or those with large windows or doors. You can also use additional insulation products like thermal drapes or rugs if needed.  

HVAC System Issues

Another potential cause of a cold house can come from your HVAC system — namely, an inefficient furnace filter or blower motor problems. Your blower motor helps circulate warm air throughout your home; however, if it isn’t working properly, it won’t be able to do its job effectively. 

Also, check your furnace filters regularly; when they become clogged with dust and debris, they can restrict airflow, which leads to colder temperatures throughout your home as well as excess strain on other components within the system (e.g., fan motors). 

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