What You Need to Know About Humidity During the Winter

Posted on November 11th, 2015 by Devine Bros

When most people think of the word “humidity”, they probably imagine sitting outside on an insufferable summer day, skin sticky with sweat. While it is true that too much humidity can make a hot summer day feel about 10 degrees warmer, too little humidity can have its own set of consequences.

Northern climates frequently experience the effects of low humidity, particularly during the colder months. As temperatures begin to drop, the moisture gets sucked right out of the air, leaving it uncomfortably dry. Home heating systems don’t help the issue, and often dry out the air in our homes even more.

Here are some ways to tell that you need more humidity in your home:

  • You often experience dry skin, chapped lips, a sore throat, and nosebleeds. Sometimes, these symptoms disappear when you leave the home.

  • Static electricity is another sign of low humidity. If you get shocked every time you reach for the door handle, your home could be trying to tell you something.

  • Wood needs a certain level of humidity to maintain its structure. When the air becomes too dry, you may notice cracking and splitting in your wood furniture and flooring.

If you notice these signs, you should make a conscious effort to add humidity to your home. You can do this in one of two ways; portable or whole-home humidifiers. Portable humidifiers can be purchased at your local pharmacy for under $50, and do a great job adding supplemental humidity to problem areas in your home. But if your home is the problem area, you may consider investing in a whole-home version. These connect directly to your heating system and can simultaneously maintain your desired humidity level in every room.

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