What To Do When Your Heating Breaks On A Cold Day

Posted on January 14th, 2021 by Devine Bros

Imagine you are sitting at home, huddled up trying to get warm during an icy winter day, and suddenly you realize that your heating just isn’t kicking on. Being stuck without heat during this time of the year can feel like a nightmare, but homeowners should know that there are ways to fix this situation or prevent it from happening again. Here’s what you should do when your heating breaks on a cold day. 

Check Your Thermostat

Sometimes there’s nothing wrong with your HVAC system, and there’s just a possibility that someone either messed with the thermostat or the device is low on batteries. Check to see the temperature and whether it’s been switched to “auto” or “cool.” Change its batteries and make sure it’s on the “heat” setting and wait for a bit to see if you experience any difference before moving forward. 

Investigate Your Circuit Breaker

In the event of a power outage or surge, your thermostat could have been switched off in the process accidentally. Check on your circuit breaker to see if an outage did occur and make sure the switch to your HVAC system is back on and working correctly. Power will be restored to your thermostat, and you’ll need to wait for a bit to feel if the heating turns back on again. 

Call A Professional

If the two troubleshooting checks above don’t work, there’s likely an issue with your system internally. Unfortunately, there’s not much the average homeowner can do. Fortunately, however, getting a professional over to take a look will make sure you have heating back in your home in no time. They will find the source of the problem, whether it be a damaged blower motor or cracked heater exchanger, and get it fixed up in no time. 

They will also be able to recommend prevention options, as well as regular maintenance checks to ensure you never go another chilly day without proper warmth in your house. And here at Devine Bros, we want to help keep you and your family comfortable this winter. With our heating services, you’ll know that your system, filters, and more will all be of the best quality and most affordable prices. 

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