Ways To Lay Mulch Neatly

Posted on May 13th, 2022 by Devine Bros

It is a known fact that mulch can improve the look of your yard and make it more inviting. It also has many other benefits, such as adding nutrients to the soil and conserving water. However, laying mulch incorrectly can have adverse effects on your yard’s appearance and its ability to provide all these benefits. To apply mulch neatly in a garden or around plants, there are certain steps you should follow:

Kill and Remove Weeds

While mulch is an excellent way to increase the health of your soil, it can also help any existing weeds to grow stronger if not removed before adding. Simply make sure you take care of any visible weeds in or around the area you plan to add mulch. 

Level Your Ground

When laying out a new section of mulch, the first thing you need to do is rake it flat so that the surface is level with the ground all around. Once that is done, you should start with a layer of gravel and then cover it with landscape fabric or plastic. 

You can now add your base layer of mulch over this and flatten it out evenly before adding another layer on top of that. It should be applied in even layers with at least 2 inches of thickness. This will ensure no weeds grow through the mulch and ruin your plants. 

Cover All Your Bases

Confirm your mulch has been spread out over an area large enough for what you need to cover. Using your hand, spread it evenly across the entire area in one direction only. You’ll want to lay down an even amount of mulch so that you can come back and add more later if needed. There are two ways in which you can lay mulch: alternating up and down or parallel strips side by side.

One Final Water

This is optional, but if you want to take it a step further and ensure your mulch is all settled into place, you can give it one more final watering. After that, let the mulch work its magic and watch your garden or yard thrive! 

Mulch Material in Norwalk, Connecticut

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