Tips for Pouring and Laying Concrete in Cold Weather

Posted on November 18th, 2022 by Devine Bros

While concrete can be poured and laid in cold weather, there are certain guidelines that should be followed in order to ensure a successful job. Our team here at Devine Bros. has a full outline of some tips for pouring and laying concrete in cold weather so that you can avoid potential problems. 

Concrete and Winter

Many construction projects are put on hold during the winter due to concerns about cold weather affecting the finished product quality. Concrete is one material in particular that can be affected by cold temperatures, which is why it’s important to take extra care when pouring and laying concrete in the winter. By following these tips, you can ensure that your concrete project turns out just as well as it would in warmer weather.

Tips and Tricks to Keep in Mind

1. Use insulated forms: When pouring concrete in cold weather, it is important to use insulated forms. This will help keep the heat in and the cold out, minimizing the risk of cracking. 

2. Use a high-early-strength concrete mix: A high-early-strength concrete mix will set faster than a regular concrete mix, which is important in cold weather because it gives the concrete less time to freeze before it sets. 

3. Use curing blankets: Curing blankets are another way to keep the heat in and the cold out. They should be placed over the concrete as soon as it is poured so that the curing process is not interrupted by cold weather. 

4. Avoid using deicing salts: Deicing salts can cause corrosion of steel reinforcement bars, so they should be avoided when laying concrete in cold weather. If you must use them, rinse the area well afterward with clean water.


If you take the necessary precautions, there’s no reason why you can’t pour and lay concrete successfully in cold weather. Just remember to keep the temperature of the concrete above 50 degrees Fahrenheit, insulate it after running, use calcium chloride instead of water, and avoid using deicing salts on cured concrete. With these tips in mind, your project will surely turn out great!

Of course, if this seems like a lot to keep in mind, you can always count on the concrete professionals

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