How to Winterize Your Home for Maximum Heat Retention

Posted on November 30th, 2023 by Devine Bros

How To Winterize Your Home

When the chill of winter sets in, it’s time to pull out those warm clothes and blankets to keep comfortable. However, just keeping your body warm is not enough. It’s equally important to ensure that your entire home stays warm, too. That way, you can enjoy your winter season in a cozy, humid house. And it’s not just about comfort — winterizing your home means that you can save on energy costs, reduce your carbon footprint, and keep your home’s appliances and surface areas in top condition. So, follow this guide on the steps to winterize your home for maximum heat retention.

1. Inspect Doors and Windows

The key to retaining heat in your home is ensuring that it doesn’t escape through the doors and windows. Walk around your home and check all doors and windows for any gaps or leaks. You can easily fix cracks by sealing areas with caulk and weather stripping. For larger holes, use foam insulation.

2. Check Your Attic

If you have an attic, inspect it for any air leaks and ensure that there’s sufficient insulation. Lack of insulation is a common cause of heat loss, leading to an increase in heating bills. Consider adding more insulation if you think there’s not enough. Alternatively, you can use heavy curtains or drapes to help keep warmth in. 

3. Seal Your Ductwork

Ductwork can also be a culprit of heat loss through leaking air. Check all ductwork joints and connections for gaps and seal them with foil tape. Alternatively, consider hiring a professional to clean and seal your ductwork.

4. Use a Programmable Thermostat

One way to keep your home cozy is to get a programmable thermostat. It allows you to set the temperature according to your needs. You can lower the temperature when you are out or sleeping and raise it when you’re at home.

5. Make Use of Sunlight

During the day, open your window drapes and curtains to make the most of sunlight. This natural light will heat up your home and reduce the need for artificial light along with heating bills.

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