Do I Need A Heating Tune Up This Early?

Posted on August 14th, 2019 by Devine Bros

It might still be July, and the weather is still hot, BUT it’s never a bad idea to consider a check-up at your home — especially when there’s no downside to a second opinion. But for many owners, a call to a specialist usually doesn’t happen until something looks like it’s going wrong — which can be the worst decision to make sometimes. Below is a guide to if you need a tuneup, and why to schedule it now

When Was Your Last?

If it’s been a while since your last tuneup, it’s important to make sure you’ve planned and started to get one set up as soon as possible. It’s important to understand that your heating is a machine, and like all machines, it needs a once-over every once in a while. To make sure that things are working properly, a specialist can come and perform any tweaks necessary in order to make that happen.

What Were Your Bills Like?

Rising costs of heating can be due to a few things. If you’re operating with electrical components in addition to gas and the price was higher, it might be due to the strain placed on the units in order to keep them working as they should. In instances like this, make sure you’re monitoring any adverse costs that are out of the ordinary and higher than usual.  

Have You Lived Here For A Winter?

If you’re new to the house before a winter, it’s important that in addition to the inspection conducted, that you’re having a follow up performed as well. This is because things can change between buying the house and using the appliances. Additionally, if you know how the machinery operates because you’ve been there, now is a good time to have things looked at in order to prevent something from going wrong in the dead cold night! 

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