5 Weather Threats to be Aware of This Fall

Posted on October 18th, 2021 by Devine Bros

Autumn leaves in rain puddle.

We’re in the midst of fall, which means cooler temperatures and shorter days. While it may seem like the best time to get cozy by a fire or stay inside with a good movie, it is also when we need to be more aware of our surroundings because the weather can change instantly. Here are a few weather threats that could come our way this fall: 

Heavy Rain

Just because summer is one of the most well-known seasons for rain doesn’t mean the downpours will stop once fall hits. Unfortunately, heavy rain can still come down throughout November— especially, too, since hurricane season doesn’t end until then. Keep an eye out for weather forecasts about storms that may be forming and heading towards the east coast. 

Strong Winds

This season is very well known to bring some severe gusts to Connecticut. Windy conditions can cause power outages or downed trees, which may block roads or result in serious injury if people are outside during the storm. 


Fall is known for having severe thunderstorms with lightning strikes that could lead to power outages or downed trees on your property. It’s important to stay inside during a storm unless it’s an emergency.

Icy Conditions

As this season progresses and we get closer and closer to the start of winter, temperature drops can cause serious icy conditions. Roads, driveways, and sidewalks can become blanketed with ice later into November and early December— be careful walking or driving around this time! 

Cold Temperatures

It’s no secret that spending too much time outdoors in cold weather can adversely affect one’s health. And for some Connecticut residents, if you don’t prepare properly, it can be easy to be caught off guard by sudden dips in temperature as we continue through autumn. Protect yourself by dressing appropriately for the weather and get an inspection on your heating system to make sure your home will keep you warm this year! 

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