5 Creative Ideas for Using Masonry Blocks in Your Home Décor

Posted on March 24th, 2023 by Devine Bros

Are you looking for a unique way to touch up your home décor this spring and summer? Consider getting creative with masonry blocks! From brick to stone, masonry blocks come in a variety of colors and designs, making them perfect for any look. With these five ideas, you’re surely going to find many ways to make use of these durable stones that can give any room or outdoor space added character or charm:

1. Furniture Accent

Give furniture pieces such as bed frames, end tables, or bookshelves added character with the help of masonry blocks! Attaching masonry blocks around the edges can be a fun and easy way to upgrade furniture pieces and draw subtle attention to them instantly.

2. Wall Art

Creating a dazzling abstract art piece on your walls using masonry blocks will ensure a beautiful product! Curved cobblestones or rectangular pavers come in numerous sizes, making it easy to craft custom works of art. Either make it a fun DIY project or hire a professional — you’ll surely love it.

3. Fireplaces

Instantly spruce up ordinary fireplaces both indoors and outdoors with the use of masonry blocks! Stack up consistent-sized blocks around fireplace bases or opt for various sizes and patterns layered together — this can provide extra visual interest to any fireplace design scheme.

4. Garden Pathways

A garden pathway made with different kinds of masonry blocks provides a stunning entrance into any outdoor space. Rectangular pavers or curved cobblestones offer plenty of options when creating one-of-a-kind tracks that will surely add personality and charm!

5. Planter Beds

Place potted plants on either side of planter beds constructed using masonry bricks for added texture and contrast between hardscapes (structures) and landscapes (greenery). For extra style points, paint some of these bricks with special weatherproof paints found at most hardware stores.

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