4 Tricks to Minimize Humidity in the Home

Posted on July 29th, 2016 by Devine Bros

Residents of Fairfield County, Connecticut are no strangers to humidity. Besides the uncomfortable, stuffy conditions it can cause, high humidity levels can also warp wood surfaces in your home and lead to mold. Here are four tips and tricks you can use to help keep your humidity levels in check.

Use Your Exhaust Fans

Many homes are equipped with exhaust fans in the kitchen and bathroom – two areas where high humidity levels are common. If you have these fans in your home, use them to your full advantage. Run your bathroom fan for 15 minutes after every shower, and use your kitchen fan while cooking on the stove top to remove excess moisture from the air.

Relocate Your House Plants

Many house plants release water vapor into the air. If you only have a few plants at home, this is no big deal. But if you have many, their role in your humidity levels could be significant. Place them outside or concentrate them in one room to minimize their impact.

Upgrade Your Insulation

Insulation, insulation, insulation. Upgrading yours can greatly reduce your humidity levels. Seal air leaks with weatherstripping or caulking, insulate your crawl space with a vapor barrier, install storm windows, and wrap your water heater and pipes with insulating foam – all of these small actions can go a long way.

Invest in a Dehumidifier

The most effective way to remove moisture from the air is through the use of a dehumidifier. Air conditioners also perform this function, but you can buy separate machines designed for this specific feature. Dehumidifiers can be purchased as standalone, supplemental units, or as a whole-home solution that attaches directly to your HVAC system.

If you live in Norwalk, Westport, or New Canaan, trust the HVAC experts at Devine Bros. to keep you comfortable all year long. We offer a variety of heating and cooling services to Fairfield County homes, and can also help you keep your humidity levels in check. Call us today at (203) 866-4421.

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