3 Things To Inspect Before Snow Arrives

Posted on November 15th, 2019 by Devine Bros

You hate the word too early, but it’s a harsh reality we all face — snow. While snow is on the way soon (and later than sooner, we hope), it is in fact inevitable, and as such, should be treated with urgency! So before this snow hits your home and the area, make sure you’re inspecting key components of your home to avoid interruptions and issues.


The last thing you need after a snowstorm is a leak in the roof due to bad beams, shingles, sheet rock, or anything similar. Make sure that someone who is qualified to inspect a roof for damage can come and do so before it becomes a larger issue, as the problem often only gets worse. This can save you thousands in repair and make your process that much easier.


Before the power goes out and the cole sets in, make sure your heating elements are all up to par as well and make sure that you can effectively warm up your home in the event of a bad storm. Nobody wants to freeze and living in your home with no source of warmth is very difficult when there isn’t any! 

Perimeter & Foundation

Snow can freeze, melt, and re-freeze in a matter of hours — which means in short, it can seep into cracks, freeze, and expand those cracks even larger. Make sure that by inspecting areas for excess pooling or runoff, you protect them before moisture can get a hold and continue an unforgiving and most of the time expensive path.

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